Cubulable Kähler

Plática dada por Pierre Py (Instituto de , UNAM) en las Conferencias Samuel Gitler 2016 en el Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzado del Instituto Politécnico Nacional (CINVESTAV) el miércoles 28 de septiembre del 2016.

I will recall the definition of a CAT(0) cubical complex. This is a special type of polyhedral complex which played an important role in geometric theory recently. An aspherical manifold is cubulable if its fundamental group acts freely cocompactly properly discontinuously on a CAT(0) cubical complex. It was proved recently that any closed hyperbolic 3-manifold is cubulable, this was a key step in the proof by Agol of the virtual Haken . In this talk I will explain why, on the other hand, the only cubulable smooth projective manifolds are the obvious ones. Up to finite cover, they are products of Riemann surfaces and tori. This is joint work with Thomas Delzant.

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