Nonconmutative M0,n+1

Plática dada por Vladimir Dotsenko (Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CINVESTAV & Trinity College Dublín) en el Algebraic Geometry in 2016 el viernes 4 de noviembre del 2016.

I will talk about a series of varieties that be a remarkable resemblances with the Deligne–Mumford compactifications of moduli of genus zero curves with marked points. In particular,I will describe results of a joint work with S.Shadrin and B.Vallette:I will exhibit stratifications of those spaces which reveal a hidden operadic structure, and discuss the intersection theory on those spaces which is very similar to the one in the classical case, leadingto an of Givental-type symmetries on algebras over thecorresponding operad. I will also discuss related noncommutative versions of the operads of little disks and framed little disks, and appropriate formality statements (including a new method of proving some formality-like results which is due to G.Horel)

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